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US-2010223097-A1: Method for providing information to contacts without being given contact data patent, US-2011044096-A1: Magnetic Tunnel Junction Structure patent, US-2013158711-A1: Acoustic proximity sensing patent, US-2011186843-A1: Manufacturing method of thin film and metal line for display using the same, thin film transistor array panel, and method for manufacturing the same patent, US-2014020542-A1: Cell cutting device for display devices and method of manufacturing the display device patent, US-2010113176-A1: Wrapping Element For A Golf Club patent, WO-2005121221-A1: Poudre a mouler polyethylene et articles poreux fabriques a partir de ladite poudre patent, US-2013017283-A1: Compositions and methods for modulating metabolic pathways patent, US-2013046004-A1: Oxygen-substituted 3-heteroaroylamino-propionic acid derivatives and their use as pharmaceuticals patent, US-2013266590-A1: Dimeric iap inhibitors patent, US-2014178983-A1: Heat exchanger system with flexible bag patent, US-2012219809-A1: Method for enhancing friction resistance properties patent, US-2015064247-A1: Abuse resistant forms of immediate release hydrocodone, method of use and method of making patent, US-2010061879-A1: Metal powder patent, US-2010186119-A1: Highly Active Soybean Promoters and Uses Thereof patent, US-2013299796-A1: Method for producing mold for minute pattern transfer, method for producing diffraction grating using the same, and method for producing organic el element including the diffraction grating patent, US-2014287002-A1: Agonists Of Guanylate Cyclase And Their Uses patent, US-2014212475-A1: Anti-cancer compositions and methods patent, US-2011223314-A1: Efficient microencapsulation patent, US-2012100364-A1: Method for arranging fine particles on substrate by physical pressure patent, US-2013082009-A1: Photocatalyst composition of matter patent, US-2011097481-A1: Coating compositions and methods for using the same as a spot blender patent, US-2012214003-A1: Process for applying a shatterproof coating to the surface of a glass item patent, US-2010135737-A1: Surface Coated Member and Manufacturing Method Thereof, and Cutting Tool patent, US-2011236386-A1: Novel method for prediction of cardiovascular disease risk in type 2 diabetes patent, US-2014200331-A1: Engineered Immunoglobulin Heavy Chain-Light Chain Pairs And Uses Thereof patent, US-2013202654-A1: Topical Foam Composition patent, US-2014329699-A1: Systems and methods for high efficiency electronic sequencing and detection patent, US-2011123552-A1: Agonistic binding molecules to the human OX40 receptor patent, US-2015044447-A1: Cleaving thin layer from bulk material and apparatus including cleaved thin layer patent, US-2011207858-A1: Mixtures for producing biodegradable aliphatic polyester-based molded bodies and for producing polymer powders that can be re-dispersed in water patent, US-2012244728-A1: High performance surface mount electrical interconnect with external biased normal force loading patent, US-2012317819-A1: Identification tag with breakaway tool patent, US-2010314614-A1: Organic Thin Film Transistors, Active Matrix Organic Optical Devices and Methods of Making the Same patent, US-2011192521-A1: Method for using a super-slippery thin layer characterised by the method for making same patent, US-2011161712-A1: Cooling appliance rating aware data placement patent, US-2011152465-A1: Carbonyl-ene functionalized polyolefins patent, US-2010200938-A1: Methods for forming layers within a mems device using liftoff processes patent, US-2013310560-A1: Processes for preparing amines and catalysts for use therein patent, US-2010233758-A1: Protein increasing cell infectivity of herpes simplex virus and use thereof patent, US-2012175424-A1: Sheet assembly and patient identification products patent, US-2015062686-A1: Apparatus and method for providing a selectively absorbing structure patent, US-2010136058-A1: DNA vaccines against tumor growth and methods of use thereof patent, US-2012071319-A1: Spiroheterocyclic furan and thiofuran dione derivatives patent, US-2011241218-A1: Electronic Device and Manufacturing Method patent, US-2010325993-A1: Prefabricated composite wall panel and method and apparatus for manufacture and installation thereof patent, US-2012058018-A1: Silico-alumino phosphate, honeycomb structural body and exhaust gas conversion apparatus patent, US-2014154268-A1: Alpha5-beta1 antibodies and their uses patent, US-2012132346-A1: Core-First Nanoparticle Formation Process, Nanoparticle, And Composition patent, US-2010148229-A1: Insulating resin composition patent, US-2011123390-A1: Aluminum alloy and manufacturing method thereof patent, US-2012149834-A1: Polyethylene for Rotomoulding patent, US-2010028299-A1: Methods and compositions of treating a flaviviridae family viral infection patent, US-2010040606-A1: Recombinant polyclonal antibody for treatment of respiratory syncytial virus infections patent, US-2010219410-A1: Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof patent, US-7404-P: patent, US-660183-A: Piano. patent, US-660879-A: Sheaf or bundle registering machine. patent, US-66319-A: Improvement in the manufacture of clay pipes patent, US-666815-A: Safety device for street-cars. patent, US-66714-A: Fielding h patent, US-667319-A: Apparatus for separating tobaco-leaves from their stems. patent, US-667814-A: Metal fastening device. patent, US-668444-A: Bottle-stopper. patent, US-668817-A: Curtain-fixture. patent, US-669390-A: Sectional boiler. patent, US-669651-A: Apparatus for enriching gas. patent, US-670398-A: Blue triazol dye and process of making same. patent, US-67236-A: Chables w patent, US-673265-A: Case or cabinet for holding newspapers, magazines, & c. patent, US-674430-A: Process of making metallic stripping-plates. patent, US-676250-A: Hod. patent, US-676545-A: Flash-light apparatus. patent, US-678205-A: Machine for manufacturing screws. patent, US-680897-A: Journal-bearing. patent, US-681149-A: Thread-cutting device for sewing-machines. patent, US-681469-A: Railway-switch. patent, US-682251-A: Rotary engine. patent, US-682668-A: Dental articulator. patent, US-683741-A: Body-hanger for vehicles. patent, US-685919-A: Collar-button. patent, US-686573-A: Paper-folding machine. patent, US-687683-A: Sole channeling and rounding machine. patent, US-687858-A: Movable dam. patent, US-68788-A: peatt patent, US-68998-A: la vet patent, US-694142-A: Saw-set. patent, US-694786-A: Locomotive-boiler. patent, US-702087-A: Insulating handle connection. patent, US-704662-A: Process of producing oxidized milk-albumen. patent, US-704788-A: Cable-hanger. patent, US-705430-A: Bottle-washing machine. patent, US-706060-A: Trousers-hanger. patent, US-706216-A: Roll-holding camera. patent, US-70665-A: John l patent, US-706868-A: Folding table. patent, US-707724-A: Automatic coupling for railway-cars. patent, US-71242-A: Improvement in lamps patent, US-712505-A: Tension device for drawing-rolls. patent, US-71308-A: Improved eallwat-switoh patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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