Process of manufacturing hollow fiber module


PURPOSE: To provide plural numbers of module in one winding to enhance productivity by means of winding the hollow fiber separation membrane around the central tube to make up a hollow fiber winding body which is cut into plural numbers of small winding bodies. CONSTITUTION: Both ends are fixed to the winding shaft 4, and the hollow fiber 1 is wound around the porous tube rotating at a fixed speed by the winder 3. The hollow fiber winding body thus made is cut into pieces of preset length by the cutter. Then both ends of each small winding body are adhered, and the holes are opened at the ends to make the hollow fiber modules. In this process, the decrease of productivity per each module derived from the decrease of speed of fiber guide at the hollow fiber repetition point is less and also the amount of waste resulting from cutting and removing off both ends of winding body is smaller. COPYRIGHT: (C)1987,JPO&Japio




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