Semiconductor device


PURPOSE: To enhance an operation margin of a fuse program circuit when a power source is turned ON without supplying a large current at fuse programming time by disposing a capacitor between a fuse program power source and a current source, and reducing an impedance when the power source is turned ON. CONSTITUTION: A resistance element 2 is connected between a power source line 1 and a pad 3 for a fuse program power source, a fuse circuit 4 is composed of a fuse 5 and a fuse program transistor 7 connected in series between a crossing point of the element 2 with the pad 3 and a GND line 6, a load resistance element 8, and a pair of transistors 9, 10 for forming a flip-flop element, and a capacitor 11 having a large capacitance value is inserted between the line 1 and the pad 3. Accordingly, the resistance value R of the element 2 becomes equivalently small when the power source is turned ON, thereby enhancing the circuit operation margin. COPYRIGHT: (C)1987,JPO&Japio




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