High definition television receiver


PURPOSE: To detect a position of a malfunction without using a measuring instrument by providing a test clip for selectively taking out input and output data of respective circuits and a change over circuit for selectively outputting luminance data formed by a modulation processing and the data of the clip to an analog converting circuit. CONSTITUTION: In order to detect the position of the malfunction, when a switch 17 is turned on, the change over circuit 14 outputs the data of an input terminal 13 to the converting circuit 9 instead of the luminance data of a decoder circuit 8. The input and output data of the respective circuits 4∼11 taken out by selectively clipping the input and output pins of the respective circuits 4∼11 by the clip 16, is inputted to the input terminal 13 through a test lead 16. According, on a picture tube 12, the picture based on the input and output data is displayed and by comparing the picture on the picture tube 12 based on the respective data, whether the circuit is normally operated or not and there is a bit error in the input and output data or not are simply discriminated. COPYRIGHT: (C)1987,JPO&Japio




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