Small sized vibrometer


PURPOSE: To make it possible to accurately measure vibration without being affected by the shape of a structure, by integrating a vibration sensor with the display part of a vibration level and displaying an absolute level of vibration. CONSTITUTION: The electric signal proportional to vibration acceleration detected by a detection circuit 1 is amplified by an amplifying circuit 2 and integrated by an integrating circuit 3 to be detected by a detection circuit 4 while the obtained analogue electric signal receives A/D conversion by an A/D converter circuit 5. Next, a microcomputer 6 controls the integrating circuit 3 to set the kind of vibration to be measured and uses a digital electric signal while controls the A/D converter circuit 5 to operate the vibration level of the set kind. This operation result is desplayed on a display part 18 through a drive circuit 17. All of circuits except the display part 18 and the drive circuit 17 and a power source 19 are received in a common case 20 while the display part 18 and the drive circuit 17 are integrated to be provided to the outer wall of the case 20 in a detachable manner. By this constitution, no individual difference is generated in measurement and safe and accuracy measurement is enabled and a measuring time and labor are reduced. COPYRIGHT: (C)1987,JPO&Japio




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