Method for removing cured film


PURPOSE: To permit the reconditioning treatment of articles having cured films without being affected by the shape thereof by immersing said articles into an aq. alkaline soln. contg. an aq. surface active agent soln. CONSTITUTION: The articles having the cured films are immersed into the aq. alkaline soln. contg. the aq. surface active agent soln. The cured films are formulated to contain at least the following components A, B: A, the org. silicon compd. (e.g., methyl silicate) expressed by the formula (where R 1 , R 2 are respectively an alkaly group, alkenyl group, aryl group or halogen group, glycidoxyl group, epoxy group, amino group, mercapto group, methacryloxy group or hydrocarbon group having a cyano group, R 3 is an alkyl group, alkoxyalkyl group, acyl group, phenyl group, allyalkyl group of 1W8C, a and b are 0 or 1) and/or the hydrolyzate thereof and B, a curable org. compd. (e.g., brominated epoxy resin) are at least incorporated therein. COPYRIGHT: (C)1987,JPO&Japio




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