Image pickup device


PURPOSE: To reduce the influence of a dark current by forming a false dark current component during a storing period and during a reading by a dark current information forming means and subtracting it from the output of an image pickup element. CONSTITUTION: When a release switch is energized asynchronously with a vertical synchronizing signal during a time t 1 ∼t 2 , the image pickup element 3 and an integration circuit 7 are cleared during a vertical synchronizing t 3 period immediately thereafter. A shutter 2 is driven through a shutter driver 2a from a clock circuit 5 during a time of t 4 ∼t 5 in one field F3 thereafter and the image pickup element 3 is exposed. In the time t 6∼t7 of the next field F3, a video signal of an object is read from the image pickup element 3, the output voltage of the integration circuit 7 is subtracted from the video signal by a subtraction circuit 8, the signal is processed in a signal processing circuit 9, and recorded on a recording medium by a recording circuit 10. COPYRIGHT: (C)1987,JPO&Japio




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