Double reversal propeller vessel having stern bulb


PURPOSE: To simplify the structure by installing a front main motor for driving a front propeller shaft having a front side propeller installed at the rear edge, into a main hull, and by installing a rear main motor for driving a rear propeller shaft having a rear propeller installed at the front edge, inside a stern bulb. CONSTITUTION: During navigation, a front side propeller 4 is revolution-driven by a front main motor in a main full, and a rear side propeller 14 is revolution- driven in the opposite direction to the front side propeller 4 by a rear main motor 16 in a stern bulb 12. Therefore, similarly in the conventional, the revolution stream generated behind is reduced by the mutual interference of the front side propeller 4 and the rear side propeller 14, and the propulsion efficiency of a vessel is improved. Since the front side and rear side propellers 4 and 14 can be independently revolution-driven, the need of a reversing machine and a double reversal shaft system is avoided, and the structure can be made exceedingly simple, and the shaft system can be easily lubricated. COPYRIGHT: (C)1987,JPO&Japio




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