Abbreviated dial pause setting system


PURPOSE: To apply an abbreviated dial service to an outgoing call to a relay line from any telephone sets by registering the pause between transmitted numerics from a hooking signal or an inter-digit pause exceeding the prescribed time when an extension registers an abbreviated dial transmission number. CONSTITUTION: A pause setting means 300 is provided as well as a telephone set 1a, an abbreviated dial function 100 and an exchange 200. The pause setting means 300 identifies an intermittent type different from a dial pulse numeric transmission state such as the hooking signal and the inter-digit pause, both of which are transmitted from the telephone set 1a, as a pause setting signal, and registers the pause between transmitted numerics. Accordingly a pause setting signal can be transmitted from any types of telephone sets, without limiting to a push phone type telephone set or a high function telephone terminal, whereby a range of services is expanded. COPYRIGHT: (C)1987,JPO&Japio




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