Method for emphasizing edge of color image


PURPOSE: To remove the color shift of an outline part and to improve the picture quality of an image by emphasizing the edge of an image by a synthesized signal between a black signal and the edge information of a color information. CONSTITUTION: Respective color TV signals Er, Eg, Eb are converted into digital signals R, G, B by an A/D converter 5 in a video printer and then respective color signals consisting of yellow, Y, Magenta M and cyanide C and a black signal BK are formed by correcting colors by a color correcting and UCR blackboard forming part 6. A lightness signal L is formed by a lightness signal forming part 7 based on the signals R, G, B and processed by an edge emphasizing component forming part 3 to form an edge emphasizing component signal E. The signal E is added to a signal BK by a signal synthesizer 4 and the synthesized signal BK' and the signals Y, M, C outputted from the forming part 6 are dither-converted by an intermediate processing part 1 and the converted signal is recorded in an image recording part 2. Thus, the outline part can be prevented from color shift. COPYRIGHT: (C)1987,JPO&Japio




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