Relaying mechanism for laver screen frames in laver sheet drier


PURPOSE: A pushing and pulling rod is set between the laver sheet-making machine and the screen frame relaying mechanism, and the conveying chain interlocked with the machine is synchronized through the rod with the relaying mechanism to ensure the screen frame to be relayed by effecting accurate synchronization between the conveying chain and the relaying mechanism. CONSTITUTION: Inside the drying chamber B of the laver sheet-making machine A, the first and second conveying chains are set so that a plurality of screen frames 4 are transported in the standing position. Further, a screen frame- relaying mechanism 3 is set between the chains 1 and 2 to turn the frames 4 up and down thereby the frame is relayed from the chain 1 to the chain 2. The mechanism 3 is interlocked through a pushing and pulling rod 25 with the machine M provided with laver sheet making unit. COPYRIGHT: (C)1987,JPO&Japio




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