Cartridge carrying mechanism


PURPOSE: To make fixing mechanism of a cartridge unnecessary by providing a cartridge fixing spring placed on a hand frame to thrust the cartridge against a deck, and a stopper post of the deck side that pushes up one hand from a hand block when the cartridge is carried to the deck. CONSTITUTION: A cartridge 15 taken out from a cartridge storing case is held by a hand 5 and a hand 1 kept in a closed state and carried to a deck 13. At such a time, a shaft 2 comes into contact with a stopper post 12, and the hand 1 is pushed up from a hand block 4 and the cartridge goes to free state. Then, a cartridge fixing spring 11 presses the cartridge 15, and the cartridge guided by a guide post 16 provided on the deck 13 is positioned. A carrying mechanism continues moving further, and the hand block 4 comes into contact with the stopper post 12, and positioning at the time of stopping is performed. COPYRIGHT: (C)1987,JPO&Japio




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