Radio information display system


PURPOSE: To display a message on a display panel in addition to a call message display being a substantial function of a radio paging receiver by using a radio paging receiver so as to send data in radio between an encoder and the display panel. CONSTITUTION: The sent radio wave is received by a radio paging receiver 4, enters a reception section 42 as a main carrier, the main carrier is demodulated in the section 42, a sub carrier is obtained and demodulated by a demodulation section 43, converted into a logical data of a signal format and fed to a control section 44. In case a radio paging receiver is loaded in a radio information display panel 5, a signal is fed to an information storage control section 52 of the radio information display panel through an external output terminal 41 and an input terminal 56 from the control section 44. An information storage control section 52 uses a character generator 53 to convert the logical data into a display dot data, which is given to a display control section 55. A radio information display panel display section 12 is, e.g., 16×16 dot display device, which is controlled by the display control section 55 to display message information such as alphanumeric, Kana (Japanese syllabary) or drawing. COPYRIGHT: (C)1987,JPO&Japio




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