Warehouse equipment using container


PURPOSE:To make it possible to store containers loaded with articles in a multi-story warehouse in accordance with the readings of a display/reader, by attaching article identification plates corresponding to the kind of articles on the containers. CONSTITUTION:Containers 1 on a circulating line 28 are conveyed on container introduction lines 19 in accordance with demands from introduction side working stations 22 which are destinations of the containers. Workers in the introduction working stations 22 loads articles conveyed on feed lines 20 onto the containers 1. Article identification plates 3 are attached to the containers 1 which are loaded with articles 1 in a predetermined condition. These identification plates 3 correspond to the kind of articles loaded on the containers 1. The containers 1 thus loaded with the articles 21 are introduced into an introduction cargo yard 14 where a bar code 8 on the article identification plate 3 attached to each of the containers 1 is read by a reader 23. Further, the containers 1 are distributed over and stored into desired storage section spaces 10 by means of an introduction and delivery device 13 under control and management in accordance with the readings of the readers.




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