Liquid fuel combustion device


PURPOSE: To provide a liquid fuel combustion device which has high ignition controllability, excellent ease of work, and excellent ignition and constant combustion characteristics, by a method wherein flange parts are mounted to the upper part of a fire grate part and the lower part of a combustion chamber, a curved part about in U-shape in cross section is formed to the flange part of the fire grate part in a manner to surround the flange part making contact therewith. CONSTITUTION: A lower flange part 13b is situated to the upper surface of a fire grate part 13a, and a down curved part 13c about in a U-shape in cross section is attached to the one side of the lower flange part 13b. The lowermost part of a combus tion chamber 14a forms an upper flange part 14b, and an up curved part 14c is attached to the upper flange part 14b. With a front casing 17a rotated forwardly and an outer cylinder 16 rotated to the front for movement together with the combus tion chamber 14a, the upper end of a wick 12 can be easily exposed. Through combina tion of the lower flange part 13b, the upper flange part 14b, the down curved part 13c, and the up curved part 14c, the combustion chamber is placed in an optimum position, and through prevention of leak of air passing through between the fire grate part 13a and the combustion chamber 14a, characteristics during constant combustion are extremely improved during ignition. COPYRIGHT: (C)1987,JPO&Japio




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