Knead extruding injection molding method and device therefor

  • Inventors: ORITA KIMIYA
  • Assignees: Nok Corp
  • Publication Date: August 15, 1987
  • Publication Number: JP-S62187007-A


PURPOSE:To enhance productivity by actuating a knead extruding section continuously to send kneaded material to an injection molding section and shortening the time required by the whole of molding process. CONSTITUTION:Powder synthetic rubber 5, while being kneaded with a kneading screw 4, is sent from a knead extruding section 1 to an injection molding section 2 through an interconnecting section 7 gradually. After kneading is completed, the kneaded material sent by a plasticizing screw 9 in carried to a cylinder 13, and the quantity of injection molding is measured by a plunger section 18. Then, the kneaded material 17 is injected into a mold 12 through a rotary valve 11 by a plunger 14. At that time, a kneading screw 4 rotates, kneads and extrudes powder synthetic rubber 5 in an hopper 6 continuously without stopping rotation to carry out a continuous production.




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