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  • Publication Date: July 16, 1867
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UBD tang, mi vffies. FIELDING H. KEENEY, 0 F NEWP' RT, KENTUCKY. Lanai-8 Patent No. 66,714, and July 16, 1867. BOUNDABQUT v TOY. TO WHOM' I'll MAY CONCERN: . Bc it known that I, FIELDING H. KEENEY, of Newport, Cnmpbell county','Kentucl y, have invented a new and useful vRourninbout; and I -hereby dechire the following to bc c fulhelear, and exact description thereof, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, making part of this specification. v My invention relates to un improvement in the well-known horizontal revolvingframe or wheel for the `:amusement of children, andcommonly known as n rounduboutoi"Flying Dutchman, and consists inv First, a. provision or provisions whereby such n frame or wheel muy be impelled by one or more ofthe riders themselves. `Second, a. mode of construction by which the apparatus is self-supporting, and may be set up complete in :1 parlor or hall without the `necessity of unyrguys vor other like moorings or'fztstenings to the ground or surrounding objects; and whereby it may be readily und conveniently taken .ix-part, and reduced to n few compact parts for trnnsportntion. Figure 1 is arperspective view of my roundabout, set up und ready for use.` i Figure 2 shows the component parts' unlimbered for package or transportation. A is :t post, shouldered at a,'above which it is circular' and slightlyz tapering, and below which it is provided with feetB und braces C, which muy be screwedfnst toit, es shown, so as to be detachable when desired. The shoulder a supports u; bevelfwhcel, D. The revolving frame or wheel proper consists of two principal parts or members, E and F, each formed of twoA parallel -shears or bers, le c und fj, which bars are gaine-d out, as at G G und G G, so as to interlock in the manner shown. The extremities of the seid frames are' braced by and curry hobby-horses H H, or Seats I I for the riders. One ofisuid members is surmounted at its middle by n. platform, J,which supports three or more anti-friction rollers K K K, adapted tobeztr against the post, und in conjunction with a. thimble, L, resting upon thc pointed' summit `M of the post, serving to hold the revolving frame plumb, while permitting its freel rotation. The point M consists of a, screw-threadedl bolt, which .enters a. nut inV the top of the post, and has u jam-nut, N, which secures it to any particular vertical adjustment. The outer ends of the revolving frame are upheld by Suspenders O, whose upper ends engage in holes in the thimble, and whose lower ends hook into staples Pv. Thus the entire revolving frame and its appurtenances are suspended from' the pointed summit of the post, and move with the slightest impulse. Gearing to the bevel-wheel D are pinions Q Q', having crunk-shefts R R connected by pitmen S S', of which the pitmnn S passes up into a. recess within the body of thcrocking-horse H, and is pivoted at its upper end thereto, and of which the pitman S is pivoted to a. lever,. T. .y l The propulsion of thc frame may be effected either the alternate forward and backward motion of one bestriding the rocking-horse H, or by nn occupant of the seat I throughthe instrumentality of the lever T. The seats I I are so attached. to t-he frame as to incline slightly inward from a tangential line, being found most agreeable to riders subject to giddiness. i While describing the preferred form of my invention I do not desire to restrict myself thereto, it being susceptible of various modicetions; for' example, frictional gearing may replace` the cog-whee1s D Q Q. A Cheap form of the machine may comprise one pztir ofshears or bers, carrying a. horse at one end and a. seat at the other end, or horses or sects exclusively. Atrea-die or a. rotary winchmzty be used eitlier in conjunction with or instead of the lever. The feet may be capable of being fastened to the floot,l by thumb-screws if desired. I claim herein as new und of my inventionthat position A roundnbout" or Flying Dutchman; constructed substantially ns described, and udttpted` to be propelled by the rider or riders by means of one or more cranks und pinions. In testimony of which invention I hereunto set my handA F. H. KEENEY. Witnesses: Gro. H. KNIGHT', JAMES H. LAYMAN.



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